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Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga

Goat YogaGoat Yoga

Lift your yoga experience to an entirely new level.  With a pastoral farm setting as your studio, assail your senses with the sights and sounds of nature.  Your spirit will be washed with bliss by the playfulness of your exercise "buddies". 

Once your class is over, indulge in the tranquility of the farm by exploring its paths and visiting with the animals.  No sounds of traffic, no overhead wires in view; just fields and trees.

Celebrate Special Occasions with Goat Yoga!  Perfect for birthdays, "Girls" day, or the start of the Bachelorette celebration. Private sessions are also offered.  Click on the "Special Occasions" tab for more information.

Gift Certificates are available!!

As a "thank-you " to our repeat guests, every 10th class is free.

Not Just Good for the Soul


Good for Your Health Too!


Two well established techniques to improve your health: yoga and animal therapy.  

If you want to initiate your parasympathetic nervous system, (which shuts down the stress response by lowering cortisol--the stress hormone), lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate and increase oxytocin and endorphins (happy hormones)......try Goat Yoga!!


What People are Saying About Goat for the Soul

“As a beginner I was self-conscious in a studio setting…..out in the open with the goats, I am not intimidated."

“I feel like I get a better work-out with goat yoga, holding poses longer as I am not counting in my head the time I have spent in the pose (with muscles screaming) but am watching the goats play."

“Yoga in a studio can be so serious, but with the goats, everyone is much more relaxed….I like it better!”

“At my age and lack of coordination, I have NEVER done an exercise class…my daughter talked me into goat yoga and I LOVE it….I don’t feel like I am exercising and whenever I need a break, I stop and play with a goat.” 

"This place is great!!!  The farm is beautiful, great yoga practice, and, of course, friendly little goats everywhere! I will definitely be returning!"

"I Love Goat for the Soul...great yoga in a relaxed atmosphere, even my boyfriend loved it and wants to come back!!"

"Had a team-building session here for my staff, great experience; everyone wants to do it again!!"


Contact Us

Goat For The Soul

10209 Fountain School Road, Union Bridge, Maryland 21791



Open today

09:00 am – 09:00 pm

See our class schedule for our session dates and times. 

One-hour sessions on the Farm are $25 prepaid or $30 at the gate, event prices vary.

Please note: If you prepay and class is not cancelled, there is no refund.    

In the event of inclement weather, class will be cancelled and you will have the opportunity to book another session.  CLASS CANCELLATION WILL BE POSTED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: @GOATFORTHESOUL. 

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