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Goat Yoga Instructors



Beth is the founder of Joy Thru Yoga; she is certified in Yoga Therapy (500RYT) and Reiki Master and has studied yoga and various holistic modalities for many years. Meditation, guided imagery, and affirmations are a key part of her work. She will tell you she is a perpetual student, always learning and wanting to grow. Through the years studying and practicing yoga, Beth realized in addition to being good for body and mind, yoga opened her up in a spiritual sense which had previously been closed. 

As Beth says, “When we practice yoga, we have to stop, pay attention, and breathe. The mind slows down enough to rise above the chaos and see things from a deeper perspective. Being overweight and almost 50, I never really considered being a yoga teacher. As time passed, my confidence grew, and so did my desire to share yoga and other holistic arts with others. I am in an exciting time in my life. I can actually say I love my life. I am thankful for my ups and downs, my mistakes and my imperfections, as well as my positive qualities. Together, it all makes me unique. I feel like people can relate to me because I am who I am- not a perfect person, not a perfect body- just someone who has a deep appreciation for the benefits that yoga brings to us all. I had to let go of what I thought a yoga teacher should be like and look like, in order to just be who I am. I truly have found a peace that surpasses all understanding… it was in my heart all along. So here I am, teaching yoga and loving it! Please join me on a journey of self-discovery.”


Stacy Allen

I first tried yoga in the summer of 2013 when I participated in a hot yoga trial at the invitation of a friend. To deepen my understanding of the practice, I completed a yoga teacher training; following this 200-hour training, my life truly changed for the better: I fell in love with myself, with the practice, and with each new day.  

How yoga and meditation has helped me work through different moments of life is the reason I share with others.  I want to share the gift of what the present moment has, for all of us, with whomever is open to receive.  Movement is my passion and as a yoga teacher and healthcare professional, I know the benefits of moving things through your body to create more space for love and fluidity in your life.  

The ancient teachings are such simple concepts that we can all integrate into daily life, if we have the right tools.  I am here to help people find those tools within themselves.


Catherine Randazzo

Catherine is a certified E-RYT 200 teacher who has been teaching for five years and practicing for over twenty. Catherine teaches yoga for all ages and accommodates all abilities; her focus is providing flexibility, balance, strength and calmness with a style that is low key, welcoming and fun.

As Catherine says, "It is important for me to help each participant have a wonderful experience while practicing. We explore poses and breathing techniques together in a judgement-free atmosphere. We support one another during our time together. We end each practice with a multi-point relaxation sequence allowing us to move back into the world with confidence. Yoga provides us with the ability to cope with the challenges of life; it offers a reliable approach to finding peace and joy in a world full of noise and discontent. I am also trained to teach gentle, senior and chair yoga. I have experience teaching people with movement disorders and other physical issues. Practicing safely is an important goal of all of my classes. I provide modifications for many poses and provide assists in poses as appropriate."


Kelly Landis

Yoga has been a part of Kelly’s life for over ten years; she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sol Yoga in Frederick in 2018.  In her younger years she was active in 4-H, raising and showing goats at the Carroll County 4-H and FFA Fair.

As Kelly says “Yoga is about connecting to your mind and body through both movement and stillness. While movement through yoga poses has greatly improved my life by helping to release chronic muscle pain, the growth I have experienced through stillness and meditation is equally as important. In my classes we will release tension through gentle movement while learning a little bit about ourselves along the way and having fun!”